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This page is here to give you some pointers. It's intended to be a curated list of the good stuff.

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The aim of this page is to point you in the right direction for accelerating your learning of the good stuff. Make 2016 the year that you excel!

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PHP The Right Way

http://www.phptherightway.com (website)

This ought to be required reading for all PHPers. There's a lot of pointers to a lot of topics and it points out key gotchas along the way. It's also available as a book from those smashing fellas at Leanpub but the book version is in need of an update. Still, it's handy to drop onto your offline reading device to consume during the daily commute.

PHP The Right Way

Clean Code

Amazon.co.uk (book)

Quite simply the best guide to building maintainable code in an agile fashion that I've read in a long time. Put this one on your reading list at the earliest opportunity. I can't recommend it enough.

Clean Code

PHP Brilliance


I feel a bit awkward about adding my own book to a page that features such luminaries and highly esteemed members of the developer community. My own contributions have been a bit stilted up until now in comparison.

However, it was the book itself that gave birth to the principle, so I think it has a place here (You might disagree!). In any event, given that the principle is the unifying theme behind the book's content and the aim of the book is to put lots of the right kind of knowledge under your nose, I ultimately thought it appropriate to include it here.

Plus, for the moment at least, you can get it for free.

PHP Brilliance

Web sites and articles

Secure Passwords

https://securepasswords.info (website)

Granted this one is very specific but it's hugely important. In brief, you should be using bcrypt as a minimum, tune the cost up to suit your production hardware (remember, slower is better for password hashing) and let the lib create a dynamic salt for you. Do these three things and already, you'll be better than a lot of developers out there.

Secure Passwords.info

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