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Thunder Raven-Stoker

"Getting some pub time in"

Hi, I'm Thunder.

Born in Lincoln, UK and currently living in London. I've been programming for a tad over 30 years, the 17 most recent of which have been invested in building online applications. The last six were spent in a dotcom incubator and the various projects that they, er, incubated.

Anything I wrote more than five years ago isn't worth looking at now. I believe this to be an ageless concept in the IT world given that it progresses in such a relentless fashion. That old code of mine certainly makes me cringe.

Workwise, my most recent positions have included being the development manager for Everlution Software ltd, a dotcom incubator, and the chief architect/lead developer on a number of global online properties. Part of my job in these positions was to hire and train the best developers we could find, which I did. However, I have also interviewed hundreds more candidates that just didn't make the grade. For one reason or another, these guys didn't have the right knowledge, which is how the book PHP Brilliance came about.

Some people think that I look like a magician, but I'm not. The only trick I know is one that involves making pints of Guinness disappear.

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[email protected]
PHP Brilliance - the facebook page

* I don't know why anyone bothers with LinkedIn to be honest!